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Longarm Quilting Service

We would love to help you with starting the final steps of your quilt on our longarm quilting machines!

Before bringing in your quilt top, batting and backing, please check the following:

- Our longarm quilting service queue is at about 3 weeks.

- Your backing must be 4" wider than the top all the way around.

- We offer piecing (of backing only) as a service for an extra fee, but please let us know if you need this done when we check the quilt in. 

- We do not do custom quilting, but can refer you to people who do.

- We do not trim or bind your quilt, but can refer you to people who offer binding as a service. 

- Starting 3/1/21 - Any quilt checked in on or after this day will start our new pricing at $.025/sq inch. 

- Need your quilt shipped? We get a lot of winter visitors here so we understand if you end up needing to go back home while your quilt is still in queue. We are happy to ship your quilt to you through FedEx or USPS to anywhere in the United States. Just let us know if you need that service and we can help you to calculate shipping cost once the quilt is done. 

Current Longarm Quilting Service Turnaround Time


Longarm quilting service queue update as of 5-12-21, wait time is 2 to 3 weeks to get quilt back